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Our Work

We do our very best to find products and practice processes that are closest to the ideal combination of quality and affordability. Our goal is to build sturdy, long lasting, attractive sheds at a very reasonable price. 

8x12 shed

On-site Construction

onsite construction


All of our sheds are constructed directly on-site. This means:

 - Nothing is getting rattled around and loosened during transport.

 - No heavy trucks or trailers will be rolling through your yard, tearing up the grass.

 - No need to remove any fences. 

 - We can build sheds in areas that may not be accessible to pre-built sheds.

Solid Concrete Block Foundation


Solid concrete blocks offer a durable, weather resistant foundation to support the shed.

concrete block

Pressure Treated 2 X 6 Floor Framing

2x6 PT

Pressure treated floor framing offers ample protection against rot and insect damage. The use of 2x6 framing gives the shed a sturdy foundation.

Project Name

 2 x 4 Framing

2 x 4 walls and trusses have all the strength a shed will need, without being unnecessarily over-sized.

2x4 kd

LP Smartside Panels

lp smartside

LP SmartSide uses a combination of waxes, resins, zinc, and overlay in a proprietary process called SmartGuard on all of their products, including SmartSide Panels. This allows them to back their product with a 5 year labor and material replacement warranty and a 50 year prorated limited warranty.

Locking Door Handle

More than just a padlock, our locking doors add elegance to security.

T handle

PVC Trim

pvc trim

Engineered polymer trim gives the shed a tasteful finish along with its many bonuses: it resists sun damage, is impervious to rot and insect attack, and does not absorb water. 

Architectural Shingles

Thicker than 3-tab shingles and made with stronger and better quality material, 30-year architectural shingles are made to last through tough storms and look great on the shed. 

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